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LoveJoy HVAC are service professionals licensed in the fields of air conditioning and heating system. We possess the tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure that your equipment will function well year after year.


We install air conditioning and heating system both for home and commercial uses, and ensure great energy savings. LoveJoy HVAC offer free in-home consultation done by our experienced HVAC specialists. We will help you choose the most effective heating and air conditioning system that will meet your requirements. All services come with full warranties for your peace of mind.

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When the time comes that you have to look for a new air conditioning and heating system, LoveJoy HVAC can help. We offer free in-home consultation done by an HVAC professional and help you look for the perfect system for energy efficiency and value.


We have proper tools and equipment to carry out repair for all your heating and air conditioning systems. In case of emergencies, we offer a 24/7 service for your peace of mind. But to ensure that you don’t go through another emergency service, we provide service agreements to keep your unit running at its topmost shape at all times.


Regular maintenance is necessary to hinder small problems from occupying a large space later on. Maintenance will guarantee the optimal performance of your unit, and your comfort and peace of mind. This will also help reduce utility bills, lessen chances for repairs, provide comfortable indoor environment, and ensure a longer lasting system.


Even tightly sealed, insulated homes can come with 5 times more pollution inside. So next time you need to do a maintenance for your indoor air quality, we offer a range of air filtration products that effectively rid off pollen and mold. We also offer humidifiers that controls humidity for protection and comfort.  

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