Should a New HVAC System be on Your Christmas List?

Have you ever woke up with freezing toes on a winter night? Or your heating bill has increased substantially? Maybe you need to replace your old HVAC system this holiday season. Check out these warning signs that a new HVAC system should be on your Christmas list. Constant System Breakdowns As your system ages, it. [Read more…]

Common Fall Heating Problems

Surely fall can bring fun memories—going on hayrides, watching the beautiful leaves change, and picking pumpkins. It’s also the time most of us turn our heating unit on for warmth and comfort. With your desire to heat your home, however, some problems may occur in your heating unit and they become more inevitable without proper. [Read more…]

How To Reduce Your Heating Costs This Cold Season

Heating your home doesn’t need to be an annual hit to your budget. Here at LoveJoy HVAC, we’ve got some tips and tricks to cut down your energy bills while staying comfortable this cold season. So snuggle up, keep reading, and get ready to save! Adjust The Thermostat Setting Did you know that turning your. [Read more…]