5 Warning Signs That You Should Replace Your Insulation

Wouldn’t it be nice if things could stay the same? Unfortunately, as much as we want to keep them, that is not reality  there will be time to let them go. Just like your insulation, a lot of factors can break down your home defense. So, how do you know when it goes bad? You. [Read more…]

How to Check Your Air Ducts For Leaks?

Studies show that leaky air ducts account for 25% of the wasted energy in your home or business. You can imagine how this ductwork problem hits your monthly electric bills and causes your HVAC system to work harder than it should. Today, LoveJoy HVAC will provide you steps on how to check leaky air ducts. [Read more…]

Why HVAC Maintenance Is a Good Investment?

Uneven cooling, high electric bills, and frequent repairs – these are obvious signs that your air conditioning system is in bad shape. Summer without your A/C is truly unimaginable. Here’s why HVAC maintenance is a good investment for your Lucas, TX home. Extends Lifespan Hot and sticky summer weather can be frustrating, and it makes. [Read more…]