September 13, 2018

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System?

Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System?
The fall season is not just about enjoying the moderate weather outside after the hot summer months, but it is also the best time to replace or upgrade your HVAC system. So, if you have an older HVAC system or you are planning to move into a new house before the cold season comes, make sure to buy a new unit or replace the old unit with a new one this fall. Here are the reasons why fall is the best time to replace your HVAC system:
  1. Temperature is Moderate During Fall
Replacing your HVAC system in the fall lets you enjoy the benefits of a more moderate temperature during the process of installation. Take note that if you wait for the time your system breaks down, there’s a chance that replacement can happen during the season when the temperature becomes unbearable. Nothing could be worse than having a faulty-operating unit at the time you need it the most.
  1. HVAC Companies Are Typically Not Too Busy During Fall
Take advantage of the time when your HVAC company is not too busy handling the system repairs, maintenance and installations. Because of fall’s moderate weather, HVAC companies get less emergency calls from homeowners. This generally means that if you schedule for HVAC replacement or upgrade, you will have enough time to discuss your options. Also, you will get more openings for convenient appointments for HVAC system installation.
  1. Increased Energy Efficiency for The Coming Winter Season
Your HVAC system starts to work harder and consumes more energy as it becomes older and out-dated. The main goal of your unit is to provide the level of comfort you require from it. But with its effort to maintain the temperature, you never know that it eats up more energy, which will later be shown in your monthly bill. By replacing the old system during the fall and right before the winter season, you can enjoy the benefits of increased energy efficiency and save more cash with lower electricity bills during the cold months. Apart from these points, homeowners can also benefit from the factory rebates and fall discount deals, thus, saving more cash on HVAC purchase, replacement, and installation during the fall season. Professional Fall HVAC System Replacement for Lucas, TX Residents If you consider replacing or upgrading your HVAC system this fall, you can take advantage of our comprehensive and expert services. Homeowners living in Lucas, TX and surrounding areas can call LoveJoy HVAC for any of their system replacement or upgrade needs.