November 12, 2018

What Maintenance is Required for a Ductless Heat Pump?

What Maintenance is Required for a Ductless Heat Pump?
In the previous post, we talked about “Top 5 Benefits of Installing Ductless Heat Pumps” and stated the best features of the units. Now, let us say that you installed one for your home and currently preparing for the winter season. With that, you also need to understand that ductless heat pumps require regular maintenance like other types of heating and cooling units. Here are the three important maintenance steps to take for your residential ductless heat pump:
  1. Monthly Maintenance
Checking and cleaning the air filter is one thing you should do every month. We advise to remove the air filters and vacuum them off after your unit operates on its initial month. Also, do not forget to wipe clean the top of your unit using a dry rag to prevent dirt from building up. If you have furry pets at home, we recommend checking your air filters once every two weeks for the first two months. You’ll find the best time to clean your air filters as you start doing it. Do not forget to talk to your local heating and cooling company to understand more about proper air filter check-up and cleaning.
  1. Seasonal Maintenance
The fall is the right time to do some seasonal maintenance works on your ductless heat pump. This season, be sure to inspect your outdoor unit for tall grasses, bushes, leaves, yard debris, and other blockages. It pays to clear away everything that might get caught up in your fan. Also, during winter, make it a habit to regularly check your outdoor unit to make sure that there are no blockages in front of it or there are no failing parts. When something is wrong in your unit, immediately call your local technician for early diagnosis.
  1. Annual Maintenance
Annual maintenance is important to check the overall performance of your ductless heat pump. Once every twelve to eighteen months, we suggest calling your local heating and cooling contractor to come to your place to inspect your unit, check your wiring and connections, do the necessary repair and replacement, and give your equipment a good look over. Be sure to follow all these maintenance steps for your ductless heat pump at home! Our professionals at LoveJoy HVAC are always ready to offer a dependable help if you have concerns with your unit. Set your appointment with us today!