July 23, 2018

What is the Ideal Office Temperature?

What is the Ideal Office Temperature?
One of the many factors that affect productivity is the temperature inside the workplace. Recently, temperature and productivity have been a hot topic in the society as the need of improved outputs of workers increases. So, what should really be the temperature setting inside the office? Read on and find out. Temperature and Productivity: Are They Related? The simplest answer to that is YES. Studies show that workers become more distracted and commit greater mistakes when the temperature inside the office is too hot or too cold. Researches have proven that when the temperature increases or decreases significantly, the productivity declines. Who would want to work in an office at 90 degrees or 60 degrees Fahrenheit anyway? They would be focusing on their sweats or shivers rather than their job. What is the Right Temperature Inside the Office? Many types of research have collaborated to the thought that cooler temperature increases productivity. That’s why for many years now, a temperature of 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended inside the workplace. And not just that, you should also be concerned about the humidity level inside and keep it at 20 to 60 percent. Take note that humidity can change the perception of your employees to the temperature, so you better pay attention to it. How To Achieve the Right Condition and Boost Productivity? Achieving the right temperature in the workplace is not a piece of cake. There is more to this task than just adjusting the thermostat setting. Here are some factors that you should know:
  • Potential Repair Issues
Your air conditioning unit is a complex device, and if problems happen in any of its parts, temperature variance takes place. Usually, it happens when there are faulty controls, obstructed ducts, refrigerant leaks and broken fans. Be sure to hire a professional to inspect the issue.
  • HVAC Design Issues
The required temperature may vary in the different areas of the office. The big question is, can your HVAC system handle the varying level of occupancy and temperature requirement at different times of the day? Additionally, whenever you make an office renovation, make sure to reroute the ducts or find a new system that will fit the design to secure comfort and productivity.
  • Schedule a Regular Maintenance Service
A poorly maintained HVAC system can also cause temperature variance. If it has been a long time since you had your unit checked, you better do it now. When it comes to keeping you comfortable inside your workplace, you can count on our professionals at LoveJoy HVAC. Call us today, and we will guarantee the best performance of your air conditioning system.