February 9, 2018

Water Heater Tips To Save Energy And Money

Water Heater Tips to Save Energy and Money
There are different types and sizes of water heaters in Lucas, TX homes but no matter what type you are using, it is always helpful to look for possible ways to reduce the operating cost. Take a look at some money and energy saving tips we have listed below.
  • Insulate your water heaters. Even if you are not using your water heaters, it still contains hot water in it. Without proper insulation, heat loss happens through the walls of the tank. Check if your water heater tank needs heater a blanket or jacket by simply touching it. If you feel warm, the tank is not well-insulated.
  • Reduce your water usage and hot water demand. If possible, lessen the use of hot water in your home. Other ways to save on your water bill is to fix leaky faucets, replace a low flow shower head, use dish and clothes washer with Energy Star rating, and always check your water heaters for drips.
  • Insulate water pipes. You don’t have to insulate the entire water heater pipes, only those that are 5 to 10 feet from the water heater. Insulating the pipes helps retain the heat in the water while on its way to your shower. It can even raise the water temperature by 2°F to 4°F.
  • Drain the sediment from your tank. Sediments build up in a hot water heater after some time of use and it can hinder the unit’s proper operation. It is important to drain out the sediments quarterly to save the water heater from working too hard which can result in high energy bills.
  • Install a timer on your hot water heater. Installing a timer on your water heaters can save you big time. This will allow you to program the heater so you can turn it off when you are at work or asleep.
  • Install a heat trap on your water tank. Newer models of heat pumps already have heat traps, but if you are using an older version, you may need to have one installed. It helps prevent hot water from escaping up the pipes especially when the heat pump is not in use.
It is true that when it comes to saving energy, water heaters are born losers. That’s because many of us are still unaware of the energy saving strategies when it comes to water heaters.  For more energy saving tips and HVAC service needs, call the experts at LoveJoy HVAC today.