October 23, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Ductless Heat Pumps

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Ductless Heat Pumps
Are you looking for a unit that can heat and cool your home using one system only? Are you after the efficiency, flexibility, full temperature control, and quiet operation when considering an upgrade? Then you can never go wrong with installing a ductless heat pump system. So, before your entire house gets blanketed with freezing temperatures, make sure to buy and install your ductless heat pump now. Discover the top benefits of installing ductless heat pumps:
  1. Flexible Comfort Solution  
Heating and cooling your home is made possible with ductless heat pumps. These systems have become the most flexible comfort solutions for both homes and businesses in terms of heating and cooling. Also, the units are considered the cost-effective alternatives for space heaters, electric baseboard heaters, and window air conditioners.
  1. Efficient Heating
Compared to conventional electric heaters, ductless heat pumps are far more efficient and they have the ability to distribute heat in huge spaces. This means that you will only have to pay less to heat the entire home.
  1. Smooth and Quiet Operation
Ductless heat pumps run smoothly and quietly, and they have a lower carbon footprint. With these features, you are guaranteed with unobstructed sleep during the night and you do not need to worry about their effects on the environment because they follow ENERGY STAR guidelines.
  1. Full Control of Temperature
Whether you want to control the temperature of the entire house or the temperature in one room alone where the whole family is binge-watching Netflix on cold nights, ductless heat pumps have you covered. Heat pumps will give you the liberty to heat any room in your home using the zoning systems, regardless of your heating preference.
  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality
Because ductless heat pumps are air-source systems, they draw fresh air from the outside and keep it from becoming stale when it is inside. Apart from that, the units have their built-in air filters, which make sure that your indoor air quality remains high. If someone inside your home is suffering from allergy, these units could keep them safe and sound by breathing healthy air. Expert Ductless Heat Pump Installation In Lucas, TX and Nearby Areas Whether you live in a home without ductwork or you simply want to take full control of indoor temperature when the cold season steps in, ductless heat pumps are the ideal units to install. LoveJoy HVAC can help you choose the right ductless heat pump units for your home and install them right away. If you want to experience state-of-the-art installation, contact our team today.