April 27, 2017

Tips for Commercial HVAC

Tips for Commercial HVAC

Reducing commercial HVAC energy consumption is not only a good way to slash operating costs, but it is also a great step towards sustainability among businesses. To save company money, business owners should learn how to tweak their HVAC systems. Here are smart maintenance tips for commercial HVAC.

Mind the filters and replace them regularly.

Reduce the chances of unnecessary costly repairs by changing the air filters regularly. This is especially important for commercial and industrial buildings that generally have a large volume of particulates and dust. A clogged HVAC filer restricts the flow of air, which can lead to system breakdown. Expert HVAC contractors recommend filter replacement every three months.

Save energy with a programmable thermostat.

Did you know that temperature settings among businesses could be contentious? Investing in a programmable thermostat is a smart trick to ease up the burden of fitting temperature settings to the needs of the different staff by focusing on reduced costs and sustainability. Using programmable thermostats is a great step to saving energy in many ways.

Improve HVAC efficiency by properly sealing ducts.

Did you know that properly sealing your heating and cooling ducts could improve the efficiency of your HVAC by 20 percent or more? Some items you can use in sealing ducts include a foil tape, a blown-in sealant, and mastic. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to unprotected and hard to access areas of your building.

Consider HVAC upgrades or replacement.

Business owners can improve the efficiency of their HVAC units by 5 to 20 percent with professional upgrades or replacement. Running HVAC units reach or exceed their ideal lifespan, which usually result to exorbitant energy cost and unnecessary maintenance issues. If the AC unit of a building is already more than a decade, the business owner should consider replacement. Don’t hesitate to bring in a professional contractor when you are ready to replace your existing commercial HVAC unit with a new one.

Ensure warranties on your HVAC through maintenance.

Maintenance is a very important part of owning a commercial HVAC unit, may it be an air conditioner or a heating unit. And it is much more essential in terms of warranties. HVAC manufacturers include regular maintenance in their warranty policies. It means that an HVAC contractor can void a warranty if your unit has not been properly maintained since it was installed.

Hire the right service contractor.

Whether in terms of installation, repair, or maintenance, getting help from a reliable commercial contractor is a wise idea. If you think that your building’s air conditioner is not in good shape, don’t take chances with just any contractor out there. Be sure to bring in a factory-trained, insured, and licensed technician to help you in keeping your unit in good condition.

Taking care of your commercial HVAC systems play a crucial role in ensuring the comfort of your employees and other building occupants. Most importantly, proper maintenance of your HVAC is a great step towards sustainability in the business world.