5 Big Benefits Of A Furnace Tune-Up

The cooler days of fall are in the forecast, and sooner or later we will turn to our heating system for comfort. However, when it stops working, we start to feel uneasy and defenseless against the threats of the cold weather.

Don’t wait for your unit to go rogue this heating season. Bring in the experts for a furnace tune-up and treat yourself with these five big benefits that it offers.

Detects Carbon Monoxide Leaks & Fire Hazards

A furnace that is not working properly may cause carbon monoxide leaks and severe health problems or in worst cases, death. Having your furnace serviced helps detect any potential safety risks at an early stage, and fix the issues immediately. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that your system is in good shape, keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Maintains Warranty

Most manufacturers require an annual furnace tune-up because they understand how extremely important it is to get it checked and maintained regularly. So, make sure you don’t miss an appointment or let your warranty void.

Avoids Sudden Breakdowns

Reality check: all machines develop wear-and-tear over time—so does your furnace. A tune-up service ensures that your system will not fail you during the coldest days. It doesn’t just include cleaning, but a complete inspection of your unit, thus improving its performance and preventing frequent repairs or sudden breakdowns.

Reduces Energy Consumption

A dirty furnace consumes more energy to operate as it should. Your system will have a hard time to keep up with your heating requirements on the cooler months. As it works harder, the parts wear down even faster. Let your local techs service your system and expect your utility bills to drop drastically.

Extend Your System Lifespan

Regular maintenance helps extend your furnace’s lifespan. However, if you skip or stop your annual tune-up, your unit will lose its efficiency eventually and experience more mechanical problems. Unfortunately, it can also grow to major system issues.


Do not let your heating system fail you this fall. Talk to us today at LoveJoy HVAC to schedule your furnace tune-up. Let our expert team ensure that you stay warm and cozy this heating season.

How to Check Your Air Ducts For Leaks?

Studies show that leaky air ducts account for 25% of the wasted energy in your home or business. You can imagine how this ductwork problem hits your monthly electric bills and causes your HVAC system to work harder than it should. Today, LoveJoy HVAC will provide you steps on how to check leaky air ducts in your Lucas, TX, home.

Before we go through the steps, keep your eyes on these warning signs of leaky air ducts:

  • Uneven cooling or heating in some rooms
  • Constant and unusual amount of dust in your home
  • Sudden spike in your energy consumption
  • Your air conditioning unit runs non-stop
  • Damaged or dented ductwork
  • Poor indoor air quality

Here’s how to check leaks in your ductwork:

  • Turn on your air conditioning system on full blast to see the leaks easily. You will find it hard to locate leaks if your A/C is not blowing air.
  • Check and inspect your air ducts in the attic and basement. Move insulation away if you think it’s needed.
  • Use your hand and place it near the duct joints. You know there are leaks if you feel the air coming out. Alternatively, you may light a piece of incense and see if the smoke twirls or moves erratically.
  • Look for duct tapes and remove them. Most of the time, they are not an effective solution in sealing air ducts, not as a permanent fix. Next, mark the leaky spots or areas with a grease pencil so you can trace it back easily.
  • You may use a foil-faced tape to seal the leaks or apply mastic to them.

Ductwork Problems? Call LoveJoy HVAC Today!

Leaky air ducts can be tough to deal with, especially in areas that are difficult to access. While the methods mentioned above ideally work, there are some times that they don’t. But you don’t need to worry! We are here to help you. For all your ductwork problems, call us at LoveJoy HVAC today. Our team of licensed technicians will come to your doorstep, ready to get on top of the issue and ensure the job is done correctly.

Smart Moves to Eliminate Dust in Your Home

Can’t stop sneezing? Or are you having breathing problems again? These allergy-related symptoms are triggered by dust, mold, and other airborne contaminants that keep coming back to your living space. Worry no more because LoveJoy HVAC will provide you these smart moves to help you eliminate dust in your home.

Begin with the Basics

Start getting rid of dirt, dust, and other pollutants with the use of your vacuum. These airborne contaminants usually settle in your couches, carpets, curtains, and furniture. Experts recommend beating them once in every 2 to 3 weeks to keep your home clean and reduce these allergens. Also, place heavy doormats outside to keep dirt and dust at bay. Make sure to leave the shoes at the door too.

Invest in a Dehumidifier and Air Purifiers

Another smart move to improve your IAQ is investing in a dehumidifier. Moreover, it helps eliminate allergy triggers that can put your health in jeopardy. It also controls the humidity levels in your home, reducing mold growth, mildew, and keeping your indoor air fresh and clean.

On the other hand, if someone in your home suffers from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory condition, you may consider getting an air purifier. It gets rid of the dirt, dust, and other harmful particles that a vacuum fails to remove. Moreover, it has HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters that trap cigarette or tobacco smoke, toxic gases, and foul odors.

Apply Baking Soda to Freshen Up

Baking soda offers a handful of benefits because of its antiseptic properties; may it be for your personal or household use. Moreover, it can eliminate foul odors, remove tough stains, and improve your health. To limit harmful particles and allergens, apply an ample amount of baking soda on your mattress, and let it stay for a few hours. Do this at least once a month to lessen these contaminants and enjoy a fresh, healthy place to sleep.

Schedule an A/C Tune-Up

An A/C tune-up is one of the best ways to eliminate dust in your home. It provides a lot of benefits to you, such as better IAQ, low energy costs, less costly repairs, greater comfort experience, and it prevents potential problems in your system. It usually includes detailed cleaning, replacement of filters, damaged parts, calibration of the thermostat, an inspection of ductwork, refrigerant, and electrical connections.

For more smart ideas to keep your home in perfect condition, stay tuned to your dependable HVAC contractor in Lucas, TX. Visit our blogs at Lovejoy HVAC!