August 24, 2017

Stop Making These 6 Costly Mistakes In Lucas, TX

Stop Making These 6 Costly Mistakes In Lucas, TX
Homeowners in Lucas, TX are getting more and more dependent on their HVAC systems for the savings and comfort that they want. Little do they know that it is through side by side effort of their HVAC systems and proper maintenance that the highest satisfaction in comfort and savings can be achieved. Here are 6 common HVAC mistakes committed by homeowners.
  1. Hiding The HVAC system
One common HVAC mistake committed by homeowners is hiding their units by surrounding them with plants and other things. The truth is that covering your unit can block ventilation and may lead to clogging. An open space is what your system needs for proper functioning.
  1. Improper Positioning Of Appliances
Placing your cabinets and other appliances in the right place is a big help in saving energy consumptions. Do not put your cabinets in places near your system’s vents for it can block airflow. Also, do not put hot appliances such your lamps near your thermostat. It can give wrong information that your house is getting warm that’s why it will release cool air. Proper positioning is an important factor to save energy.
  1. Ignoring Strange Noise And Smell
Strange sounds and smells are indications that something is not right in your system. If you keep on ignoring these signs every time you pass by your HVAC unit, you might just be surprised of a sudden hike in your energy bill. Inspect you units for trapped animals causing the foul smell and loud sound. You can always call an HVAC technician to help you out.
  1. DIY All The Time
While small HVAC problems can be solved through DIY fixes, major problems require a licensed professional. Homeowners would always think that it’s fine to do system repairs by themselves to avoid repair costs. Not until they find out that instead of repairing their unit, they cause much bigger problems on it. It is still better to hire a licensed HVAC technician to provide HVAC services for you home.
  1. Missing Regular Maintenance
Skipping regular maintenance is also a common mistake by homeowners in Lucas, TX. Just like human, HVAC units also need regular check up to identify small issues before they become major problems. You can do simple maintenance tasks for your unit or call your local technicians to do the job.
  1. Hiring The Cheapest Service Provider
Choosing HVAC contractors which offer the lowest service charge is a mistake most homeowners do most of the time. You made a great investment in your HVAC system. And it’s just right that only highly qualified technicians should lay their hand on your unit. Lovejoy HVAC is the most trusted heating and cooling contractor in Lucas, TX. Give us a call at 469-617-4690 and experience commendable HVAC services.