May 8, 2020

Poor A/C Airflow: What are the Causes & How to Fix it

Poor A/C Airflow: What are the Causes & How to Fix it

Weak airflow coming from your air conditioning system isn’t something you should ignore. With this issue, your indoor comfort and budget are also affected. Don’t worry! LoveJoy HVAC is here to help!

Read this post to find out what’s causing this problem and what you can do about it.

Blocked Vents And Registers

Admit it or not, but we tend to forget about checking or cleaning our vents and registers. Dirt buildup can also impede the proper airflow, giving your home an inadequate cooling. Make sure to check them regularly and keep them free from any obstructions like furniture and other equipment. Doing this can reduce stress on your system while enjoying optimum comfort.

Air Duct Issues 

The ductwork is a vital component of your cooling system. Just like your blood vessels that carry blood around your body, air duct carries the conditioned air within your home. Unfortunately, it can also experience problems that could cause weak airflow. What are those issues?

  • Loose or disconnected ductwork
  • Dirt buildup or mold growth
  • Improperly designed
  • It has holes or cracks

In this instance, you need to contact your local contractor for professional duct cleaning or sealing.

Frozen Coils

You may be wondering how’s that possible, but there are a few reasons why your coils are starting to freeze up. Ice buildup in your evaporator coils can be caused by a dirty condenser, low refrigerant level, damaged blower fan, or blocked return/supply vents. Seek help from the pros for expert diagnosis and solutions.

Dirty Air Filters

Changing your air filter regularly is a simple maintenance task when neglected could create tons of problems. If you’re wondering why your home isn’t cooling enough, go ahead and check the filter. It may be filled with dirt, mold, or other debris that hinders the air to properly circulate within your space. Keeping your air filters clean can go a long way. It doesn’t just improve your home’s air quality, but it also saves you big chunks of energy.

Problems with Blower Motor

Your A/C’s blower motor is likely the culprit for loss of airflow. It plays a crucial role in distributing the conditioned air throughout your indoor space. Some of the common blower issues are a loose belt, dirt on the blades, and bad blower motor. Leave this trouble to the experts for fast and reliable solutions.

If your air conditioner has a weak airflow or experiencing other problems, call us at LoveJoy HVAC! We provide prompt, reliable, and professional A/C services in Lucas, TX and surrounding areas.

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