November 28, 2018

How To Prepare My HVAC System For The Winter?

How To Prepare My HVAC System For The Winter?
While the fall season brings great opportunity to save cash on heating and cooling costs by temporarily powering down your unit and opening your window, the winter can be far different than this. With the extreme cold, you might have to run your heating system all day long to feel comfortable. But there are helpful steps that you can do not only to get your heating and cooling system ready but also save money through efficient operation. Here are the steps on how you can prepare your HVAC system for the winter:
  • Replace Your Air Filters
Dirty air filters cause your unit to exert more effort and work harder, resulting in low efficiency and high energy cost. It also causes health-related problems to you and your family when left unchecked. Be sure to replace your air filters as often as possible before the winter comes.
  • Clean the Blockages on Your Registers and Vents
Make sure to check your vents for blockages like furniture, rugs, and other objects close to them to allow proper and unobstructed heating. Also, do not forget to clean your registers to prevent the dust and dirt from entering your heating system and circulating in your living space.
  • Reprogram Your Thermostat
The temperature of fall is far different from the temperature of winter. With this in mind, it is best to reprogram your thermostat to save energy and money. Reprogramming the device (particularly the smart or programmable ones) can also help your heating system provide a consistent temperature inside your home.
  • Consider Replacing Your Unit
Your heating unit’s ideal life lasts from fifteen to twenty years if it receives regular tune-up. So, if it is on its last leg, do not wait for the next season to come before replacing it. It might run faulty or break down on your coldest night when you let it operate on its current age and condition. Before considering a replacement, call your local contractor for better assessment and recommendation.
  • Get an HVAC Maintenance Agreement
A maintenance agreement can save you a lot of money and get your HVAC system ready for all seasons. The service agreements do not just offer you priority treatment if you have emergencies, but also ensure that all your needs are catered on a given schedule. Whether you like it or not, you need to run your heating system throughout the winter, so you and your family can have a stress-free and comfortably good season to share. Our team here at LoveJoy HVAC can help you get all things done and prepare your unit through professional works. Call us to get started.