October 8, 2018

How to Fix Uneven Heating In Your 2-Storey Home?

How to Fix Uneven Heating In Your 2-Storey Home?
Adding another floor to your home is a good choice. Not only does it give a private space for everyone, but it also adds value to your home. But here comes the most challenging part for homeowners with two-story houses – to achieve an even heating temperature on different floors at the same time. This can be very frustrating and inconvenient for the occupants who need to stay comfortable during the cold days. Worry no more, as we will hammer home the reasons why your two-story house experiences imbalanced heating temperature on different floors and how you can solve this problem. Reasons for Uneven Heating On Different Floors
  • The airflow is restricted between your registrar and furnace unit.
  • Your thermostat only reads the temperature of the floor that is being heated.
  • Your ductwork is not improperly sealed, or its size is not right.
  • Your heating unit is too small or too large for the size of your home.
How to Solve Uneven Heating Between Floors of Your Home?
  • Add a Ductless Split
If you prefer heating the spaces or rooms you used the most, then a ductless mini split is the answer. With this solution, saving cash on the heating bills and maximizing the heated air in your favorite spot at home can be possible.
  • Add a Second Heating System
Adding another heating unit can give you better control over the temperature of each floor. I bet this sounds expensive but this is commonly the best answer for two-story homes that have only one furnace unit.
  • Add a Zoning System
Zoning system will allow you to control the temperature independently even though your thermostat is placed downstairs. This is a cost-effective alternative if you have a high performing heating unit that cannot work to its full potential.
  • Have Your Ductwork Inspected
Leaky and improperly sized ducts are the common reasons why the hot air does not circulate evenly throughout your home. Make sure that the duct of your HVAC system is working at peak condition.
  • Make Adjustment
Sometimes, all you need is a little adjustment and cleaning to get the air flowing again. Clean your air filter and set your thermostat fan to Auto or On. You can even adjust your vent so the forced air will be placed on the areas where it is needed the most. Uneven heating is commonly an indication of a problem in your two-story home. You can try any of the solutions we mentioned above or leave the job to the professionals. Talk to our team here at LoveJoy HVAC to expertly solve this problem. We can assist you on how to boost comfort and efficiency for your home heating. Feel free to set your appointment with us today!