September 12, 2017

Why Your Heat Pump Output is Dropping?

Why Your Heat Pump Output Is Dropping
The last thing that you want to experience during the hot summer season is HVAC system failure. Heating and cooling problems happen most on hot summer days and it’s pretty frustrating since it’s the time of the year when you need your system the most. If you observe that your heat pump’s output has gone bad, you should know what’s causing the thing. Though having a professional technician to inspect the issue is a safe solution, it is still pays off to have basic knowledge about your HVAC systems. Here we outlined some reasons why your heat pump’s output drops. The refrigerant is leaking. Leaking refrigerant is a major issue since refrigerants are the fluids responsible for cooling your home. Your heat pump does not use them- it only recycles them. Therefore, leaks in the refrigerant directly affect the operation of your heat pump. Continuous leaking may cause refrigerant level to drop so as the output of your heat pump. A professional help is necessary to solve this issue. Air filters are blocked. The air filter protects the heat pump from dust and dirt however; there is no way to get rid of these filtered particles. If homeowners fail to change their air filters monthly or sooner, these particles will block the air to be circulated by the heat pump. Low heat pump output results to this problem. Good thing, it is just a minor issue and can be solved simply by changing the air filter regularly. The air handler malfunctions. The part of the heat pump that circulates the air into your home is the air handler. Since it does all the moving of air, it has oiled bearings to reduce friction and avoid strain. However, due to constant use, the bearings fail causing lots of friction. At some point, you hear gritting sounds on your heat pump. Call a licensed technician and have it inspected before it gets burnt out. There is short cycling. When your heat pump is working on and off, the problem is called short cycling. This is because of an electrical fault or maybe the condenser unit is damaged. Either way affects the output of your heat pump and may cause breakdown of other parts. An HVAC expert can help you solve this issue. Lovejoy HVAC offers heat pump repair and other HVAC services. Schedule an appointment with our experts today!