June 13, 2017

Factors That Affect HVAC Installation Cost

Factors That Affect HVAC Installation Cost

Modern HVAC units are quieter, more energy efficient, and more powerful than older models. Most importantly, they offer added value by helping to slash monthly bills. When deciding to install a heating or cooling unit, homeowners typically start with the question, “how much does it cost to install a new HVAC unit?” Here are factors that affect HVAC installation cost.

House Size

First off, you should know that HVAC systems come in different sizes, and it will affect the installation cost. The tonnage of a unit, however, does not depend on its weight. For air conditioners, it’s the unit’s ability to cool your building. One unit is the AC’s ability to cool 12,000 British thermal Unit or BTU per hour. BTU is the actual amount of energy needed to cool or heat a single pound of water by one degree per hour. To make it simple, the larger your house, the more tons needed.

Project Difficulty

If you have small, hard to reach attic, or your home has blown-in insulation, you may expect to pay higher for the installation. Such difficulties need more money for parts and labor.


The type of ductwork is also another factor that affects the HVAC installation cost. More intricate ductworks are extremely daunting that it takes a couple of days to be properly completed. Ideally, a new standard ductwork needs to have a custom fabricated dampers at both T-Y junction to balance airflow. Contact your local HVAC contractor if you need service for your ductwork.

Brand of Unit

The brand of HVAC equipment you choose will affect your new HVAC installation cost. Well, here’s one wise advice: for residential customers, who will install your new unit is way more important than which brand you choose. Be open to option and ask for recommendations from a trusted contractor.


Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is a measure of your unit’s efficiency. Let’s make it simple: the higher the SEER rating, the lower the cost to operate it. HVAC experts recommend customers to get a unit with no more 16 SEER rating when having your new installation done.

The HVAC installation cost is an important element when deciding whether or not to install a new system. While taking considerations of the abovementioned factors is highly recommended when deciding for installation, what’s more important is choosing the right HVAC contractor.