October 20, 2017

Energy Saving Tips For Busy People

Energy Saving Tips For Busy People

Are you always in a hurry with your jam-packed timetable every day? Then we bet you have no spare time to check if you turn off the lights in your room or you had your AC set to “I’m out mode”. That could hit a real score on your energy bill!

Good thing, Lovejoy HVAC understands your hectic schedule and provides energy saving tips fit for busy persons like you. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to check your systems once in a while. Try these energy-saving tips for busy people like you.

Install a programmable thermostat.

If you’re living a busy life, you need a thermostat that can adjust to your shifting schedules. Programmable thermostats give you full control of your home’s temperature wherever you are. It even learns your schedule and bends the temperature based on it without manually operating the setting.

Unplug your appliances.

Keeping your appliances plugged in makes it easier to access the system if you need to use them.  However, it is still better to unplug it after use. Even at standby, plugged appliances still consume energy and leaving them can cause electrical accidents.

Use curtains and blinds.

Curtains and blinds work for all seasons. They can block the sun’s heat from entering your home during the summer and prevent heat escape on winters. It will reduce the work of your HVAC systems and helps reduce your energy cost.

Get home energy audit.

If you’re a busy homeowner, a whole house energy inspection is a good strategy. It will help you get in touch of your home’s heat loss and insulation problems. You’re out of your house the whole day so you better be sure that everything is running on your side while you’re away.

Use energy efficient lightings.

Light bulbs are the most used appliances in the house. If you’re in a hurry for work, you might be leaving your lights on. If it’s always the case, it would be better to invest in LEDs. These can be expensive but they consume less energy and release less heat.

Sign up for regular HVAC maintenance.

If you have no time to spare for your system, it’s best to hire professional experts to do system maintenance and tune-up. This will maintain the efficiency of your system and free you from additional repair schedules.

Are you having trouble with your HVAC units? Don’t compromise your routine. Let the experts at Lovejoy HVAC handle it. We care about your time just how we care about your units.