December 28, 2018

Comfort Accessories and Gadgets You Can Use This Cold Season

Comfort Accessories and Gadgets You Can Use This Cold Season

From wool-made clothes to steaming cups of our favorite chocolate drinks, the cold season really brings out the nester in us. But no matter how cold the weather is outside, winter should not stop us from doing what we love.

To help you top up the cozy feeling inside and outside your home, check out these accessories and gadgets you can use this winter.

Heated Blanket

Heated blankets are designed to offer you a great sense of relief no matter how harsh the weather outside is. It is portable and equipped with a unique heating feature, meaning you can bring it anywhere you like and stay warm throughout day and night.

Tech-Friendly Gloves

In today’s high-tech environment, everyone should have a pair of touchscreen gloves. Breathable and cozy, some tech-friendly gloves are featuring full palm connectivity to enable users make calls, surf the web, and capture photos without taking them off.

Electric Warming Pouch

With the satin thermal interior and integrated heating components, this electric pouch can warm up all your nightwear in a matter of minutes. This gadget can also be used for gloves, socks, towels, and others to add an extra layer of comfort and warmth this winter.

Towel Warmer

It only takes twenty minutes to get your towels toasty and warm this cold season. This device is portable and only requires a little space for storing. For added safety, it is equipped with automatic shut-off, making it the luxurious device for freezing winter mornings.

Smart Heated Clothes

If you have a lot of outdoor activities in the winter, then you need a heated top to stay comfortable. This special clothing offers insulation from the extreme cold. Designed with heating elements (both for upper and lower back), this ultra-thick and sleek smartwear is perfect for cyclists, joggers, and other sports enthusiasts.

USB-Powered Heated Slippers

Created with a cozy cotton design that fits snugly to your feet, and a USB-powered heating capability for added warmth, these slippers would be the perfect pair you need in the cold morning to carry you from your bed to the kitchen. Be free to stroll around your home without worrying about the cold floors.

Winter season brings an extremely cold temperature, and it is the main reason why you tend to stop doing what you love. But together with your heating system, you will definitely enjoy your winter with these accessories and gadgets. Should you have questions on how you can stay comfortable in the deep freeze, call our team at LoveJoy HVAC today.