Condensation on Ductwork – What Causes It

If you are one of those homeowners who take condensation in the ductworks so lightly, you probably need to change your viewpoint. This is a serious issue in your air conditioning system that can branch out to secondary problems like mold formation and water drippings in the ceiling. Read on and find out how this. [Read more…]

How Hiring a LoveJoy HVAC Specialist Helps You

Are you looking for reliable HVAC specialists in Lucas, TX? Let me tell you an obvious fact – our LoveJoy HVAC specialists are just around the corner. If you need help in your commercial and residential comfort needs, you can count on us. Here is just how we can help! HVAC System Installation We understand. [Read more…]

10 COOL Facts about Air Conditioning

Thanks to air conditioning units, you will no longer be sweating and fanning yourselves during the hottest days of the year. But aside from keeping you cool and comfortable, there is more about your A/C which is worth knowing. Here are 10 cool facts about your air conditioning units. Ice. The original air conditioners that keep. [Read more…]