April 19, 2017

The Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner

The Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner

When is the best time to purchase an air conditioner? This is one of the most common questions among homeowners and business owners who are preparing for summer comfort. Well, it’s so easy to assume that summer is the best time to buy an AC, but the right thing may surprise you. Here’s the best time to buy an air conditioner.


The temperature is starting to soar as the spring sets in, but homeowners will be one step ahead by the summer season. Most homeowners wait for the heat wave to act, so spring is a great time to buy an air conditioner. Schedule the time and date for the installation. One smart tip: get your desired unit at a lower off-season cost because the inventory is high during spring season.


Gone is the summer sunshine, as well as the outdoor heat. Fall is a great time to buy an air conditioning unit because HVAC companies have additional inventory for different types of air conditioner. Be on the lookout for special discount both on the price of the air conditioner and the installation cost.


During winter days, homeowners are busy on their heating systems, but naturally, they’re one step ahead. For areas where the need for air conditioning units is low, you will likely grab a good deal and have ample time to ensure that expert local HVAC technicians will install your new unit.

Choosing the Right Time to Shop

It’s a wise move to choose the right time to buy an air conditioner because it’s your key to saving money down the road. More importantly, you will reduce the chance of coming up with wrong decisions in a rush. Besides, in terms of major home projects like AC installation, time is a valuable asset. With expert pieces of advice from a professional contractor, you can get the right system that fits your comfort needs and budget.

Knowing your cooling wants and needs

Doing a little legwork during the off-season gives you enough time to thoroughly assess your cooling wants and needs. Please take note that the type and capacity of air conditioner you need depend on various factors including the age, layout, and size of your home. The features you want in an air conditioning system can also make a big difference to your choice.

Using Your Time Sensibly

Last but not the least, get the most of the best time to buy an air conditioner in the cooler months. Look for a trusted contractor to work with as early as possible. Doing your research ahead of time will spare you from making rush and awful decisions when the temperatures soar.

Air conditioning systems provide added layer of value and comfort to your home and business. By planning ahead of time and choosing the best time to buy an AC, you will get lower prices and have ample time to seek advice from the experts. Don’t forget to tap an HVAC specialist from a trusted heating and air conditioning company in Lucas, TX.