August 10, 2017

Best Heating Options For A Sunroom

Best Heating Options for a Sunroom
Your sunroom is a good place to stay in if you want to enjoy the sun’s heat on a typical summer day. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable to stay there during the cold months. Good thing, there are heating options that you can use to make the space usable for the cold season. Extending HVAC Vents Your heating and cooling system can be extended to your sun room to provide warmth on the area. The vents can be mounted on the wall or channeled under the floor for sunrooms with glass ceilings. You can also install ceiling vents on rooms closest to it. Extending your ductworks into the sunroom is a good source of heat to the area however, some homeowners find this expensive so it’s better to estimate the expenses first before getting started. Electric Baseboard Heater You can opt for an electric baseboard heater when it is not possible to extend your HVAC system vents. Controlled by a thermostat installed in the sunroom, baseboard heaters are energy efficient and proven cost effective. You can choose to install it yourself or have a licensed technician to do it. Under Floor Heating Another way to warm your sunroom is through under floor heating.  Instead of the air, the floor is the one being heated in this method. The heat is then radiated towards your body giving you warm comfort while staying on the area. Space Heater You can have a portable space heater or you can have it mounted on the wall. Whichever you choose, you can warm your sunroom inexpensively using this method. It uses radiant heat source distributed in the room by the fan. You can store it once the hot season sets in. Ventless Fireplace You can install a ventless fireplace depending on the design and space of your sunroom. It is very efficient in heating and can modernize the look of your area. Ventless fireplace is fuelled with gas and warms your room faster providing you with calm comfort that you need. Add Insulations You can always do simple insulation for your sunroom the usual way such as by putting carpets on the floor, covering the windows with plastic, or hang thick curtains on it. Your sunroom is an extension of your house so some insulation methods can also be done to warm this area. For more ways you can take to warm or cool your home, call your trusted HVAC contractor. Lovejoy HVAC is waiting for you! Call us at 469-617-3690.