Top 5 Benefits of Installing Ductless Heat Pumps

Are you looking for a unit that can heat and cool your home using one system only? Are you after the efficiency, flexibility, full temperature control, and quiet operation when considering an upgrade? Then you can never go wrong with installing a ductless heat pump system. So, before your entire house gets blanketed with freezing temperatures, make sure to buy and install your ductless heat pump now.

Discover the top benefits of installing ductless heat pumps:

  1. Flexible Comfort Solution  

Heating and cooling your home is made possible with ductless heat pumps. These systems have become the most flexible comfort solutions for both homes and businesses in terms of heating and cooling. Also, the units are considered the cost-effective alternatives for space heaters, electric baseboard heaters, and window air conditioners.

  1. Efficient Heating

Compared to conventional electric heaters, ductless heat pumps are far more efficient and they have the ability to distribute heat in huge spaces. This means that you will only have to pay less to heat the entire home.

  1. Smooth and Quiet Operation

Ductless heat pumps run smoothly and quietly, and they have a lower carbon footprint. With these features, you are guaranteed with unobstructed sleep during the night and you do not need to worry about their effects on the environment because they follow ENERGY STAR guidelines.

  1. Full Control of Temperature

Whether you want to control the temperature of the entire house or the temperature in one room alone where the whole family is binge-watching Netflix on cold nights, ductless heat pumps have you covered. Heat pumps will give you the liberty to heat any room in your home using the zoning systems, regardless of your heating preference.

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Because ductless heat pumps are air-source systems, they draw fresh air from the outside and keep it from becoming stale when it is inside. Apart from that, the units have their built-in air filters, which make sure that your indoor air quality remains high. If someone inside your home is suffering from allergy, these units could keep them safe and sound by breathing healthy air.

Expert Ductless Heat Pump Installation In Lucas, TX and Nearby Areas

Whether you live in a home without ductwork or you simply want to take full control of indoor temperature when the cold season steps in, ductless heat pumps are the ideal units to install. LoveJoy HVAC can help you choose the right ductless heat pump units for your home and install them right away. If you want to experience state-of-the-art installation, contact our team today.

How to Fix Uneven Heating In Your 2-Storey Home?

Adding another floor to your home is a good choice. Not only does it give a private space for everyone, but it also adds value to your home. But here comes the most challenging part for homeowners with two-story houses – to achieve an even heating temperature on different floors at the same time. This can be very frustrating and inconvenient for the occupants who need to stay comfortable during the cold days.

Worry no more, as we will hammer home the reasons why your two-story house experiences imbalanced heating temperature on different floors and how you can solve this problem.

Reasons for Uneven Heating On Different Floors

  • The airflow is restricted between your registrar and furnace unit.
  • Your thermostat only reads the temperature of the floor that is being heated.
  • Your ductwork is not improperly sealed, or its size is not right.
  • Your heating unit is too small or too large for the size of your home.

How to Solve Uneven Heating Between Floors of Your Home?

  • Add a Ductless Split

If you prefer heating the spaces or rooms you used the most, then a ductless mini split is the answer. With this solution, saving cash on the heating bills and maximizing the heated air in your favorite spot at home can be possible.

  • Add a Second Heating System

Adding another heating unit can give you better control over the temperature of each floor. I bet this sounds expensive but this is commonly the best answer for two-story homes that have only one furnace unit.

  • Add a Zoning System

Zoning system will allow you to control the temperature independently even though your thermostat is placed downstairs. This is a cost-effective alternative if you have a high performing heating unit that cannot work to its full potential.

  • Have Your Ductwork Inspected

Leaky and improperly sized ducts are the common reasons why the hot air does not circulate evenly throughout your home. Make sure that the duct of your HVAC system is working at peak condition.

  • Make Adjustment

Sometimes, all you need is a little adjustment and cleaning to get the air flowing again. Clean your air filter and set your thermostat fan to Auto or On. You can even adjust your vent so the forced air will be placed on the areas where it is needed the most.

Uneven heating is commonly an indication of a problem in your two-story home. You can try any of the solutions we mentioned above or leave the job to the professionals. Talk to our team here at LoveJoy HVAC to expertly solve this problem. We can assist you on how to boost comfort and efficiency for your home heating. Feel free to set your appointment with us today!

Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off?

A furnace that shuts off on its own is a problem you cannot just ignore. This is a common issue for Lucas, TX homeowners who use furnaces in heating their homes. It could be annoying that you cannot completely relax because your furnace constantly kicks on and later shuts off. But why does this happen?

Here are the main reasons why this short cycling takes place in your furnace.

  • Overheating Heat Exchanger Because of Low Airflow

The heat exchanger is the part of your furnace that heats the air. When it gets extremely hot due to lack of airflow, short cycling happens.  The heat exchanger trips the high limit switch when it gets too hot. Then the high limit switch will shut your unit down to protect your furnace.

Dirty air filters, dirty blower wheels, and close air supply vents are the three main reasons why low airflow is obtained, which also cause the heat exchanger to overheat over the course of its operation. Make sure to change your filter and blower wheel and open your supply vent to avoid overheating.

  • Your Flame Sensor Rod Might Be Covered With Dirt

One reason that keeps your furnace from shutting down is that your flame sensor rod is completely covered with dust. But how does it create a short cycling in your furnace?

A flame sensor rod is a device created to detect flames in your furnace burners. The device will immediately shut the gas valve off when there is no flame detected. But if your flame sensor rod is covered with dust, it cannot tell if there is a flame or not and will shut your gas valve off. Remember that if there is no gas, there is no flame and no heat available for your cold day. Make sure to check your flame sensor rod regularly to remove the dust. Call your HVAC company to do a professional cleaning.

  • Your Furnace is Too Large

Over-sized furnaces can heat your space too fast, which can cause it to frequently turn on and off. Call a professional to identify the capacity of a furnace needed for the size of your home. Do not buy another unit without consulting an expert, or else you will end up with the same short cycling problem.

If you frequently experience short cycling in your furnace unit, do not delay calling a professional service. Running your unit while it is in its poor condition might lead to costly repairs if not solved earlier. Call LoveJoy HVAC today so we can identify what causes your furnace to short cycle.


Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System?

The fall season is not just about enjoying the moderate weather outside after the hot summer months, but it is also the best time to replace or upgrade your HVAC system. So, if you have an older HVAC system or you are planning to move into a new house before the cold season comes, make sure to buy a new unit or replace the old unit with a new one this fall.

Here are the reasons why fall is the best time to replace your HVAC system:

  1. Temperature is Moderate During Fall

Replacing your HVAC system in the fall lets you enjoy the benefits of a more moderate temperature during the process of installation. Take note that if you wait for the time your system breaks down, there’s a chance that replacement can happen during the season when the temperature becomes unbearable. Nothing could be worse than having a faulty-operating unit at the time you need it the most.

  1. HVAC Companies Are Typically Not Too Busy During Fall

Take advantage of the time when your HVAC company is not too busy handling the system repairs, maintenance and installations. Because of fall’s moderate weather, HVAC companies get less emergency calls from homeowners. This generally means that if you schedule for HVAC replacement or upgrade, you will have enough time to discuss your options. Also, you will get more openings for convenient appointments for HVAC system installation.

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency for The Coming Winter Season

Your HVAC system starts to work harder and consumes more energy as it becomes older and out-dated. The main goal of your unit is to provide the level of comfort you require from it. But with its effort to maintain the temperature, you never know that it eats up more energy, which will later be shown in your monthly bill. By replacing the old system during the fall and right before the winter season, you can enjoy the benefits of increased energy efficiency and save more cash with lower electricity bills during the cold months.

Apart from these points, homeowners can also benefit from the factory rebates and fall discount deals, thus, saving more cash on HVAC purchase, replacement, and installation during the fall season.

Professional Fall HVAC System Replacement for Lucas, TX Residents

If you consider replacing or upgrading your HVAC system this fall, you can take advantage of our comprehensive and expert services. Homeowners living in Lucas, TX and surrounding areas can call LoveJoy HVAC for any of their system replacement or upgrade needs.

Why Coil Cleaning Is Important for Your A/C?

Did you forget something? Every day, you are focusing on meeting those tight schedules, but you did not realize that there is something in your home seeking your attention too. By any chance, have you thought of your air conditioning coils? You always get important things done but the matters like your unit’s coil seem to be noticed only when they become a problem.

Understand more about your A/C coils and know why cleaning them is essential through this post.

Types of Air Conditioning Coils

  • Condenser Coils – They transfer heat into space. Under pressure, the refrigerant is forced into the coils and is condensed into a fluid, which later rejects the heat in the surface of the heat exchanger.
  • Evaporator Coils – They do the opposite work of condenser coils. The liquid refrigerants are pumped into low-pressure which causes the refrigerant to evaporate, and over the process, absorbs the heat in the surface of the heat exchanger.

Importance of Coil Cleaning

Here‘s why coil cleaning is important for your air conditioning unit:

  • Energy Efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a dirty condenser coil can increase the energy consumption of the compressor by 30% while a dirty evaporator coil reduces the airflow. With clean coils, you can get a more efficient A/C, which increases your energy savings every month.
  • Improved Comfort. Coils are among the essential parts of your air conditioning unit, and if they do not work properly, chances are your comfort will be compromised. Residue might obstruct the efficiency of your unit. Take time to check your outdoor system and clear out the surrounding areas.
  • Optimum Performance. Not cleaning your coils can reduce your air conditioning’s performance in cooling your home. Heat is trapped inside, and it ca not be released right away if the coils are covered with debris and dust. As a result, inefficient cooling, increased energy consumption, and poor performance are achieved. These issues will never happen if you have clean coils.
  • Improved Lifespan. Your coils are always subjected to bugs, dirt, leaves, dust, and other tiny particles, which could impact the performance of your unit. Their presence can make your unit work harder, causing it to exert more effort than the normal operation. Regular cleaning of coils can help improve your unit’s lifespan.

Expert A/C Maintenance in Lucas, TX and Nearby Areas

With preventive maintenance, not only your coil problems are resolved, but other hidden issues in your unit are also given attention. You can always add coil cleaning service to your annual air conditioning maintenance and service plan. Here at LoveJoy HVAC, we service residential and commercial properties in Lucas, TX and nearby areas. Let us offer your air conditioning the care it deserves.

5 Extreme Excuses to Maintain Your AC System in Lucas, TX

For investments like your air conditioning units, it is important to get the best bang for your buck. But due to your already jam-packed schedules, you probably would not think of adding A/C maintenance service to your long list of seasonal chores. However, you need to understand that it is a key factor in achieving the biggest return from the money you spent on your device. And if you need a few more reasons to make room for A/C maintenance in your hectic timetable, we are giving you five below.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Everyone talks about energy efficiency since it provides so many benefits to homeowners in Lucas, TX. And the most obvious benefit is reducing your energy bill. Poorly maintained air conditioners are responsible for raising your energy consumption through the roof, leaving you no choice but to slice a big amount in your budget. Regular A/C maintenance will save you from this trouble by making sure that every part of your unit is working efficiently so that only the right amount of energy is consumed in its operation.

  1. Life Extensions

Whatever upgrade or investment you give your home, it is logical to keep it at excellent quality and make it last the longest possible time. In the case of your air conditioner, the longer it will serve your comfort, the better your investment. By taking the initiative to tune-up your unit, you are helping it reach its estimated lifespan or way more than that.

  1. Environmental Care

We are faced with the greatest challenge of saving the environment today. By simply keeping your HVAC system in good performance, you are not just saving yourself from great expenses; you are also doing your part in saving the Earth. Regular tune-up helps in reducing the carbon footprint of your unit and will reduce the amount of energy it consumes.

  1. Better Air Quality

Do you know that the air you are breathing indoor can be more toxic than the outside? It is extremely necessary to take care of your indoor air quality, and one way to do this is by scheduling a regular maintenance service for your air conditioners. During the service, expect that the unit is cleaned and the air filter is replaced to make sure that healthy air will come out of your vents.

  1. Peace of Mind

There are lots of things to think about when you are an adult. There is always a sense of worry that something can go wrong and catch you off guard. Good thing, with regular HVAC maintenance, you have one less thing to worry about since you know that your unit is running in good condition all throughout the season.

If you need a maintenance service for your air conditioning unit in Lucas, TX, feel free to set an appointment with the professionals at LoveJoy HVAC. Call us today!


What is the Ideal Office Temperature?

One of the many factors that affect productivity is the temperature inside the workplace. Recently, temperature and productivity have been a hot topic in the society as the need of improved outputs of workers increases. So, what should really be the temperature setting inside the office? Read on and find out.

Temperature and Productivity: Are They Related?

The simplest answer to that is YES. Studies show that workers become more distracted and commit greater mistakes when the temperature inside the office is too hot or too cold. Researches have proven that when the temperature increases or decreases significantly, the productivity declines. Who would want to work in an office at 90 degrees or 60 degrees Fahrenheit anyway? They would be focusing on their sweats or shivers rather than their job.

What is the Right Temperature Inside the Office?

Many types of research have collaborated to the thought that cooler temperature increases productivity. That’s why for many years now, a temperature of 68 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended inside the workplace. And not just that, you should also be concerned about the humidity level inside and keep it at 20 to 60 percent. Take note that humidity can change the perception of your employees to the temperature, so you better pay attention to it.

How To Achieve the Right Condition and Boost Productivity?

Achieving the right temperature in the workplace is not a piece of cake. There is more to this task than just adjusting the thermostat setting. Here are some factors that you should know:

  • Potential Repair Issues

Your air conditioning unit is a complex device, and if problems happen in any of its parts, temperature variance takes place. Usually, it happens when there are faulty controls, obstructed ducts, refrigerant leaks and broken fans. Be sure to hire a professional to inspect the issue.

  • HVAC Design Issues

The required temperature may vary in the different areas of the office. The big question is, can your HVAC system handle the varying level of occupancy and temperature requirement at different times of the day? Additionally, whenever you make an office renovation, make sure to reroute the ducts or find a new system that will fit the design to secure comfort and productivity.

  • Schedule a Regular Maintenance Service

A poorly maintained HVAC system can also cause temperature variance. If it has been a long time since you had your unit checked, you better do it now.

When it comes to keeping you comfortable inside your workplace, you can count on our professionals at LoveJoy HVAC. Call us today, and we will guarantee the best performance of your air conditioning system.

5 Remedies For Uneven Home Cooling Issues

Are there parts of your home which seem hotter than the rest? Do you feel cool downstairs but more like a sauna on the second floor? The uneven cooling in your home can truly affect your comfort this summer season. We can help you address the issue fast.

Check out these helpful tips from the experts at LoveJoy HVAC.

  1. Control and redirect the air using your air vents.

Blocked vents and registers are one of the main causes of uneven cooling in homes. Be sure to check for dirt and dust buildup or furniture that blocks these openings. If the vents and registers are clean and no furniture is blocking the airflow, you can solve uneven cooling by partially closing some vents on the first floor to redirect the air to the other areas of the house. Do not try fully closing the vents for you might end up with a broken unit due to pressure buildup.

  1. Switch the fan from “Auto” to “ On”

When the fan is in AUTO mode, it will only run when there is a need to cool the area and when the cycle is ongoing. When the fan is switched to ON, the fan will keep on operating and circulate air inside your home even when the cooling cycle is off. This helps even out the temperature especially when there is a large area of space to be cooled.

  1. Check the Air Ducts For Leaks

The presence of leaks in the air duct is a threat to your comfort as it hinders the conditioned air from making their way to your home. Instead, the cooled air gets through the leaks and escapes the system. Aside from having poor comfort, leaks and holes in the air duct give additional strain in your system, making it work harder to reach the temperature set in the thermostat.

  1. Improve your attic insulation.

The attic insulation keeps the cool air in and the hot air out. When there is not enough attic insulation, the room upstairs becomes hotter. Be sure to improve your attic insulation to get the full benefit of your cool air. Also, make sure that the insulation matches to the type of your home and region.

  1. Control the areas with a zoning system.

It may call for an additional expense, but a zoning system is an effective strategy to get rid of uneven temperatures in your home. It allows you to manage the temperatures in the individual areas of the house which is far better than having only one thermostat to control the temperature of the entire household.

If you are troubled by uneven cooling in your home and need a little help from the professionals, feel free to give us a call at LoveJoy HVAC!

Can I Replace Only the Compressor or Do I Need a Whole New A/C

You wake up in the morning only to find out that your air conditioning system has stopped working due to a faulty compressor. What should you do now? There are actually four solutions that you can choose from: replacement of the compressor coil only, the entire condenser unit, the condenser unit, and the indoor evaporator coil, or you probably need to change the entire system.

Of course, you need to hire a professional technician to examine the case to identify which of these solutions is the best to do. To make the best decision, go through these steps:

  1. Confirm if you really need to replace the compressor.

Sometimes, because of the idea of having no comfort in the middle of summer, we easily believe in what the technicians recommend. Good thing if we hire honest HVAC specialists such as professionals at Lovejoy HVAC. But if you are not sure of the diagnosis of your technician, it is better to ask a second opinion from another company.

Some contractors drop the gun and tell you to buy a new compressor right away, but the real problem could lie elsewhere. Do not assume that this is 100% accurate. Confirm the diagnosis through a second opinion from one of our reputable specialists.

  1. Check if the compressor is still under warranty.

If the compressor is still under warranty, it will be easier for you to get a replacement since you will only be paying for the labor. If not, then…

  1. Compare the cost of the replacement of the compressor with the replacement of the whole unit.

Replacing the compressor is probably a better solution if the part is still under warranty. However, the cost will still depend on the labor fee and other factors, not to mention if you have chosen fraud technicians who ask for hidden fees.

If the warranty has stopped by the time the compressor fails, replacing the entire system would cost slightly more than buying a replacement for the compressor only. But since the outdoor and indoor components of your A/C system should be matched, you may also need to replace the evaporator unit or else you will be faced with great issues in your system’s operations.

We understand that this situation is hard to swallow especially since it involves great investment. But, comfort is one of the most important aspects of your home that should not be delayed. That is why we are here to help.

Whether you need a second opinion, an estimate or installation service for your brand new units, you can count on us. Give us a call today!


3 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality is Changing Every Summer

Some people prefer to stay inside their home or office to prevent health risks caused by the outdoor environment. Little do they know that indoor atmosphere is up to five times more polluted and hazardous than the outside. This is even worse in the summer since there are significant changes in the temperature which adds stress to your heating and cooling system. And when the performance of your HVAC is low, your indoor air quality suffers.

Check out these three signs that your IAQ has changed in the summer season.

  1. Clogged Air Filters

Your HVAC system needs to work extra harder to give your home or commercial place the right cooling it needs. To reach your comfort demands, the unit needs to run for extended hours. This also means your air filters need to sift a lot of dust and dirt in the air.

Without regular cleaning and replacement, the dust and dirt collected by the filters will affect the system’s overall performance big time. Additionally, you will be at risk of health issues relating to poor indoor air quality. Blocked air filters will put additional stress on your HVAC system and blow in fresh air together with the all the filth collected.

  1. Too High Humidity

Indoor humidity can get too high in the summer and this brings great impact on your indoor air quality. High level of moisture paves the way for mold growth inside your home. Molds trigger respiratory illnesses and allergies which can bring discomfort to anyone who dwells in the house. Consider having a humidifier to prevent humidity problems and maintain better comfort inside.

  1. Airborne Pollutants

We consider pets as part of our family. But if you are living with them, you need to pay extra attention to your indoor air quality especially this summer season. Furry pets tend to shed a lot in the summer which means pet dander and hairs are in every corner of your home without you knowing it. Even dust mites can occur in a large population in this time of the year. It is important that you brush your pets outside on a regular basis. Dusting and sweeping can also help. But for a better result, invest on HEPA vacuum cleaners to remove even the smallest air pollutants inside your home.

If it is your indoor air quality that you are concerned about, we can help. Call Lovejoy HVAC today for quick and reliable services to save your comfort.