Furnace Efficiency Ratings and What They Mean

When investing in a new furnace, there are numerous factors to consider, including the size of the unit, budget for the purchase, health conditions of your family, and your monthly energy consumption. While all these considerations should be on your priority list, think about the furnace efficiency rating as well. Let our experts at LoveJoy HVAC explain what it means so you can be guided on your next purchase.

What is Furnace Efficiency Rating?

Furnace efficiency rating helps homeowners determine the amount of energy needed to heat their homes and how much their consumption costs. It basically implies that once your furnace efficiency rating is high, your heating system only requires less amount of energy.

To support that, our government built a program called “EnerGuide” that provides consumers with valuable efficiency information. It serves as their basis in choosing an efficient unit, and it is based on U.S. government test standards.


EnerGuide helps homeowners make the best choice when buying a new furnace unit. To adhere to the standards of the minimum energy performance calculated with Energy Efficiency Regulations, EnerGuide requires specific equipment and products for homeowners to buy. The goal of this program is to lower the monthly energy consumption and reduce the unit’s operational impact on the environment.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is an important part of EnerGuide. This rating provides homeowners with a correct and easy way to compare the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of furnace units. The numbers provided by AFUE rating calculate the performance of the unit in converting energy into heat.

Traditional furnaces only convert about 65% of the energy they acquired. These days, this kind of performance is generally unacceptable since most homeowners cannot afford to pay for high energy bills and the government has restrictions on the unit’s environmental impact. With less efficient units, you are more likely paying double on your monthly utility cost than usual. So, when buying a new unit, it is best to do some research and talk to your local HVAC company to help you weigh your options.

Where Can I Buy Furnace Units with High AFUE Rating?

Our professionals here at LoveJoy HVAC have everything you need. We can help you find the right and modern unit with a high AFUE rating and even install it at a reasonable price. Your comfort means a lot to us, so call us now to get started!

How to Check Your Air Ducts For Leaks?

Studies show that leaky air ducts account for 25% of the wasted energy in your home or business. You can imagine how this ductwork problem hits your monthly electric bills and causes your HVAC system to work harder than it should. Today, LoveJoy HVAC will provide you steps on how to check leaky air ducts in your Lucas, TX, home.

Before we go through the steps, keep your eyes on these warning signs of leaky air ducts:

  • Uneven cooling or heating in some rooms
  • Constant and unusual amount of dust in your home
  • Sudden spike in your energy consumption
  • Your air conditioning unit runs non-stop
  • Damaged or dented ductwork
  • Poor indoor air quality

Here’s how to check leaks in your ductwork:

  • Turn on your air conditioning system on full blast to see the leaks easily. You will find it hard to locate leaks if your A/C is not blowing air.
  • Check and inspect your air ducts in the attic and basement. Move insulation away if you think it’s needed.
  • Use your hand and place it near the duct joints. You know there are leaks if you feel the air coming out. Alternatively, you may light a piece of incense and see if the smoke twirls or moves erratically.
  • Look for duct tapes and remove them. Most of the time, they are not an effective solution in sealing air ducts, not as a permanent fix. Next, mark the leaky spots or areas with a grease pencil so you can trace it back easily.
  • You may use a foil-faced tape to seal the leaks or apply mastic to them.

Ductwork Problems? Call LoveJoy HVAC Today!

Leaky air ducts can be tough to deal with, especially in areas that are difficult to access. While the methods mentioned above ideally work, there are some times that they don’t. But you don’t need to worry! We are here to help you. For all your ductwork problems, call us at LoveJoy HVAC today. Our team of licensed technicians will come to your doorstep, ready to get on top of the issue and ensure the job is done correctly.

Why HVAC Maintenance Is a Good Investment?

Uneven cooling, high electric bills, and frequent repairs – these are obvious signs that your air conditioning system is in bad shape. Summer without your A/C is truly unimaginable. Here’s why HVAC maintenance is a good investment for your Lucas, TX home.

Extends Lifespan

Hot and sticky summer weather can be frustrating, and it makes homeowners run their air conditioners in full force. This additional pressure speeds up the wear and tear of your A/C and causes emergency repairs. With regular HVAC maintenance, an HVAC pro inspects your system, provides detailed cleaning, checks refrigerant level, and lubricates needed parts. With this, your unit will operate smoothly, more efficiently, and will serve you better for longer years.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Air filter, ductwork, and compressor are highly susceptible to dirt, dust, and other debris. These harmful particles can trigger allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, and other respiratory conditions. Regular cleaning and inspection of these components significantly improve your indoor air quality, helping you achieve a healthy home and a comfortable workspace.

Increases Energy Savings

HVAC maintenance doesn’t just improve your comfort, but it also increases your energy savings; that’s why it is a good and long-term investment.  How is that possible? A well-maintained A/C uses less electricity as it runs smoothly. Thus, you can expect lower monthly bills, reduce chances of system failure, and more comfortable home.  Sadly, many homeowners see HVAC maintenance as an unnecessary expense and later on experience the problems and inconvenience.

Protects You & Your Family

It may be hard to believe the real dangers of a neglected and not properly maintained HVAC system. Hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisoning, and heat exhaustion can put you and your family’s health as well as safety in danger. Getting a preventative maintenance plan is one of the smart ways to protect you, your family, and even your employees.

Detects Potential Problems

An HVAC pro detects potential problems at the early stage before it becomes a major emergency. This saves you a lot from trouble, inconvenience, and a huge amount of repair costs. Usually, these system issues don’t just happen overnight. Most of the time, they start small, and some homeowners just ignore them at all.

Learn more about our maintenance program at LoveJoy HVAC or get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. We have highly-qualified and certified-industry technicians who strive to make sure your home is comfortable all year round.