June 24, 2019

Aging Heat Pumps—Should You Repair or Replace?

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Is your heat pump no longer performing quite the same as it did in the past years? Before you bring in a repairman to fix your 10-year old unit, do you think it will make more sense to replace it? Consider these questions when deciding whether to repair or replace your old heat pump.
  • Is the heat pump properly maintained?

Do you schedule a regular professional inspection for your heat pump? A maintenance service can boost the energy efficiency of your unit by 25%. If your heat pump suddenly malfunctions, a repair can do the trick.
  • Does it work well?

Regardless of the age of your heat pump, it should be distributing sufficient heat in your home. If your heat pump is not giving you enough comfort even after repair services, you can opt to replace the unit.
  • Is your heat pump an energy hog?

    Heat pumps are efficient heating systems. If you can see in your utility bill that your heat pump is consuming more than the usual amount of energy in its operation, it’s probably time to replace it. Energy saving is one of the benefits that heat pumps offer which you should experience.
  • How old is your heat pump?

The age of your heat pump has a direct effect on its performance. There are newer units with improved features for greater comfort and savings. Don’t deprive your home of these new innovations.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Heat Pump?

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