5 Warning Signs That You Should Replace Your Insulation

5 Warning Signs That You Should Replace Your Insulation

As much as you want to keep your existing insulation, there comes a time that you have to replace it for better comfort. But, how do you know when it goes bad and needs replacement? Here are five (5) warning signs to look for:

Unpleasant Odors That Linger

When your home starts to smell a bit moldy, it might be caused by wet insulation, which is possibly due to heavy rains or extreme humidity. The excess water and moisture are the best breeding ground for mold. If neglected, it will produce that not-so-pleasing odor in your insulation. In this case, replacement would be your best option.

Higher-Than-Usual Electric Bills

Is your electric bill higher than your standard heating or cooling cost? Poor insulation might be the one to blame. If your space is insufficiently insulated, the outdoor temperatures can sneak into your home. Plus, it adds strain to your air conditioners during the hot season. While in the winter months, your heater has to work overtime to keep you comfortable. In both cases, it causes your energy consumption to go out of control.

Animal Infestation

Unwanted guests like rats, squirrels, and insects love to make themselves at home in your attic or crawl space. These pests can ruin your insulation and negatively affect the quality of air in your home. Plus, it can pose health risks to you and your family.

Trouble with Uneven Temperatures

Do you feel like you’re in winter wonderland? And elsewhere, you’re in a sauna because it’s always hot? This trouble with uneven temperatures is likely caused by old or damaged insulation. It’s a clear sign to call the experts who can check all areas of your home and provide you the perfect solution.

Indoor Drafts

If you notice drafts inside the house, problems with insulation can be the reason. Your insulation might be insufficient, old, or damaged. Check to see if the drafts come from your attic or crawl space. Moreover, make sure that your doors and windows are adequately sealed.

Insulation serves as your comfort shield from the relentless summer and cold-hearted winter. If you encounter any of these warning signs, talk to us at LoveJoy HVAC. Our expert team will come right away to save the day!