September 21, 2017

5 Signs You Need Your Duct Sealed

5 Signs You Need Your Duct Sealed

Leaks can take place in your ducts and it can intensify your energy bill just like all other issues in your HVAC system. It is important to keep your ducts sealed to prevent needed air from escaping your home. These telltale signs will help you monitor leakages in your ducts. If you need to have them sealed, the professionals at Lovejoy HVAC are just around the corner.

         1.  You can see or feel dust all over your home.

Dust are everywhere; however, if it seems that your house is too dusty than usual, you might be having leaks in your ductworks. Dust can flow through these leaks and be distributed in your home without passing through air filters. Stop dispensing dust by sealing your ducts.

         2.  Your energy bill rises.

If you experience normal cooling but there is a continuous increase on your utility bill, you should check your ducts for leaks. Those leaks add up to the energy increase causing your wallet to squeeze up. Check your ducts to avoid paying for wasted energy.

         3.  You have poor indoor air quality.

The job of the air filter, as the name implies, is to filter the air that goes into your home. If the connection is damaged, air can escape and enter your house without passing through it. This is why you experience poor air quality inside. Also, if the leaks are located on zones with air problems, they will allow the pollutants to flow in your system and in to your home.

         4.  You feel low comfort.

Is there a part of your home that takes too long to cool or heat? You might be having leakages in your ducts which spill the needed air out of your house. You might think that your insulation is not right, but oftentimes, the real culprits are damaged ducts.

          5.  You experience dangerous back drafting.

Back drafting refers to pulling back in the dangerous gases emitted by vented appliances such as water heaters and gas furnace. One thing that causes this issue is the leak in your ducts. Some of the dispersed gases are pulled back into your home through these leaks. Take immediate action because it can be dangerous to your health.

Be mindful of these signs and don’t let leaky ducts bring health problems to your family and steal you comfort.