July 6, 2018

5 Remedies For Uneven Home Cooling Issues

5 Remedies For Uneven Home Cooling Issues
Are there parts of your home which seem hotter than the rest? Do you feel cool downstairs but more like a sauna on the second floor? The uneven cooling in your home can truly affect your comfort this summer season. We can help you address the issue fast. Check out these helpful tips from the experts at LoveJoy HVAC.
  1. Control and redirect the air using your air vents.
Blocked vents and registers are one of the main causes of uneven cooling in homes. Be sure to check for dirt and dust buildup or furniture that blocks these openings. If the vents and registers are clean and no furniture is blocking the airflow, you can solve uneven cooling by partially closing some vents on the first floor to redirect the air to the other areas of the house. Do not try fully closing the vents for you might end up with a broken unit due to pressure buildup.
  1. Switch the fan from “Auto” to “ On”
When the fan is in AUTO mode, it will only run when there is a need to cool the area and when the cycle is ongoing. When the fan is switched to ON, the fan will keep on operating and circulate air inside your home even when the cooling cycle is off. This helps even out the temperature especially when there is a large area of space to be cooled.
  1. Check the Air Ducts For Leaks
The presence of leaks in the air duct is a threat to your comfort as it hinders the conditioned air from making their way to your home. Instead, the cooled air gets through the leaks and escapes the system. Aside from having poor comfort, leaks and holes in the air duct give additional strain in your system, making it work harder to reach the temperature set in the thermostat.
  1. Improve your attic insulation.
The attic insulation keeps the cool air in and the hot air out. When there is not enough attic insulation, the room upstairs becomes hotter. Be sure to improve your attic insulation to get the full benefit of your cool air. Also, make sure that the insulation matches to the type of your home and region.
  1. Control the areas with a zoning system.
It may call for an additional expense, but a zoning system is an effective strategy to get rid of uneven temperatures in your home. It allows you to manage the temperatures in the individual areas of the house which is far better than having only one thermostat to control the temperature of the entire household. If you are troubled by uneven cooling in your home and need a little help from the professionals, feel free to give us a call at LoveJoy HVAC!