March 22, 2018

5 Reasons Insulation is Important in All Homes

5 Reasons Insulation is Important in All Homes
Do not wait until your home becomes unbearable during the summer before realizing the importance of proper insulation. As the top company which provides complete home insulation in Plano, TX and nearby towns, LoveJoy HVAC provides these pointers on why you should invest in a well-insulated home.
  1. Reduces Energy Consumption
A poorly insulated home doubles the operation of your heating and cooling system in order to comply with the temperature set by your thermostat. As results, greater energy is consumed and a bigger slice in your budget goes to your monthly energy consumption. Be sure to keep your home well-insulated so that heated or conditioned air will stay inside and be used for your comfort.
  1. Keeps Everyone Comfortable
Hot and cold spots are common comfort problems in a typical household. Some of the reasons for its existence are the leaks and drafts that allow for exchange of outdoor and indoor air. Proper insulation allows for evenly distributed temperature in the different areas of the house. It gives everyone who dwells in your home a comfortable stay all year-round.
  1. Maintains a Healthy Indoor Environment
There are greater chances of fungi, mold and mildew accumulation when your home has poor insulation. It can bring risks to your family’s health. Aside from having your HVAC system properly maintained, a well-insulated home is also a key to a healthy indoor environment.
  1. Minimizes Noise Level
Home insulations are excellent noise absorbers since it minimizes the noise transmission in the walls of your home.  Aside from giving you the best comfort, it also gives you the benefit of long night sleeps without having to worry about external sounds.
  1. Lessens Costly Repairs
Poor insulation can strain your heating and cooling unit as it needs to operate at longer periods of time to meet your preferred temperature. Aside from a higher energy bill, it can also lead to overheating and system breakdown. Get rid of expensive system repairs and help your heating and cooling system function efficiently by keeping your home properly insulated. Insulation should be one of your priorities when it comes to keeping your home worth living in. Schedule a whole-home energy audit today and know the reasons behind those high energy bills and uncomfortable indoor temperature. This can also give you an idea which part of your home needs additional or improved insulations. Call the experts at LoveJoy HVAC now!