November 8, 2017

4 Questions You Should Ask Your HVAC Technician

4 Questions You Should Ask Your HVAC Technician
Whether you’re a Lucas, TX home or commercial owner, hiring a heating and cooling technician really costs dollars. That’s why, it’s good to take the opportunity while they’re into your units to ask some important questions in keeping your HVAC systems running in shipshape all year round.
  1. Are Those Noises Normal?
There are humming and other noises in your heating and cooling system whenever you run it. Whether your system had it as part of the operation or not, better ask the technician why it’s there in the first place. Noises are common signs of problems in the system which technicians can easily spot. They’ll also tell you if these noises are normal to free you from worrying too much.
  1. How Can I Change My Filter?
Air filter replacement is a DIY job. If you’re not yet familiar with that, you can ask the service technicians to show you how so you don’t have to pay extra charges for filter replacement next time. You can also ask for suggestions as to what kind of air filter is best for your home.Generally, it’s suggested to change filters every after 3 months or more frequently.
  1. How Can I Best Program My Thermostat?
Programmable thermostats are great help in monitoring the temperature inside your home and in reducing energy wastage. There are new features offered on latest models but even if the details are stated in the manual, most homeowners find it easier to understand on technician’s words. During maintenance visit, don’t forget to ask your technicians to inspect if your thermostat is in good condition. And while they check if the readings are accurate, you can ask for short tutorial on how to use your thermostat well.
  1. How Can I Better My Comfort?
Take the chance to ask the expert on how you can better the comfort you feel inside your home. If humidity, poor air quality and uneven temperature is troubling you, they can provide solutions and best recommendations to ease your comfort. Lovejoy HVAC is the home of customer-friendly heating and cooling technicians. Share with us your stories and hidden concerns when it comes to your HVAC units. We’ll do our best to give you guidance and quality services to improve your comfort.