4 Questions You Should Ask Your HVAC Technician

Whether you’re a Lucas, TX home or commercial owner, hiring a heating and cooling technician really costs dollars. That’s why, it’s good to take the opportunity while they’re into your units to ask some important questions in keeping your HVAC systems running in shipshape all year round.

  1. Are Those Noises Normal?

There are humming and other noises in your heating and cooling system whenever you run it. Whether your system had it as part of the operation or not, better ask the technician why it’s there in the first place. Noises are common signs of problems in the system which technicians can easily spot. They’ll also tell you if these noises are normal to free you from worrying too much.

  1. How Can I Change My Filter?

Air filter replacement is a DIY job. If you’re not yet familiar with that, you can ask the service technicians to show you how so you don’t have to pay extra charges for filter replacement next time. You can also ask for suggestions as to what kind of air filter is best for your home.Generally, it’s suggested to change filters every after 3 months or more frequently.

  1. How Can I Best Program My Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats are great help in monitoring the temperature inside your home and in reducing energy wastage. There are new features offered on latest models but even if the details are stated in the manual, most homeowners find it easier to understand on technician’s words.

During maintenance visit, don’t forget to ask your technicians to inspect if your thermostat is in good condition. And while they check if the readings are accurate, you can ask for short tutorial on how to use your thermostat well.

  1. How Can I Better My Comfort?

Take the chance to ask the expert on how you can better the comfort you feel inside your home. If humidity, poor air quality and uneven temperature is troubling you, they can provide solutions and best recommendations to ease your comfort.

Lovejoy HVAC is the home of customer-friendly heating and cooling technicians. Share with us your stories and hidden concerns when it comes to your HVAC units. We’ll do our best to give you guidance and quality services to improve your comfort.

Energy Saving Tips For Busy People

Are you always in a hurry with your jam-packed timetable every day? Then we bet you have no spare time to check if you turn off the lights in your room or you had your AC set to “I’m out mode”. That could hit a real score on your energy bill!

Good thing, Lovejoy HVAC understands your hectic schedule and provides energy saving tips fit for busy persons like you. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to check your systems once in a while. Try these energy-saving tips for busy people like you.

Install a programmable thermostat.

If you’re living a busy life, you need a thermostat that can adjust to your shifting schedules. Programmable thermostats give you full control of your home’s temperature wherever you are. It even learns your schedule and bends the temperature based on it without manually operating the setting.

Unplug your appliances.

Keeping your appliances plugged in makes it easier to access the system if you need to use them.  However, it is still better to unplug it after use. Even at standby, plugged appliances still consume energy and leaving them can cause electrical accidents.

Use curtains and blinds.

Curtains and blinds work for all seasons. They can block the sun’s heat from entering your home during the summer and prevent heat escape on winters. It will reduce the work of your HVAC systems and helps reduce your energy cost.

Get home energy audit.

If you’re a busy homeowner, a whole house energy inspection is a good strategy. It will help you get in touch of your home’s heat loss and insulation problems. You’re out of your house the whole day so you better be sure that everything is running on your side while you’re away.

Use energy efficient lightings.

Light bulbs are the most used appliances in the house. If you’re in a hurry for work, you might be leaving your lights on. If it’s always the case, it would be better to invest in LEDs. These can be expensive but they consume less energy and release less heat.

Sign up for regular HVAC maintenance.

If you have no time to spare for your system, it’s best to hire professional experts to do system maintenance and tune-up. This will maintain the efficiency of your system and free you from additional repair schedules.

Are you having trouble with your HVAC units? Don’t compromise your routine. Let the experts at Lovejoy HVAC handle it. We care about your time just how we care about your units.

Is Radiant Floor Heating A Good Choice?

When the winter season ends, many homeowners are complaining about their high heating bills and are on the lookout for a more energy saving strategy to heat their homes for the next cold wave. Over a conventional forced air system, more and more household owners prefer to have a radiant floor heating system installed. The question is- did they make the right choice?

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating systems allow for heat movement through the platforms on your floor. The heat then travels in its natural motion upward to the different parts of your room. The two types of radiant floor heating are electric and hydronic. In an electric radiant heating, the source is coming from electric heating cables under the floor. For hydronic, you will have water-heated tubing installed in your floor, walls or ceilings. Both are effective types of radiant heating so you can choose whichever you prefer.

Why Choose Radiant Floor Heating?                 

Radiant floor heating provides consistent temperature throughout your home as compared to the different temperatures that you feel in each room using your electrical forced air system. It also runs quieter since there are no motors and fans which make noises.

You can always set the temperature of the room depending on your activity. It’s efficient since you can manipulate the system depending on how you use the room. Although radiant floor heating system can be costly upfront but you can bring back your investment through the savings you’ll get.

The Cons Of Radiant Floor Heating

Although radiant floor heating is advantageous for many reasons, we must still specify the reasons why most homeowners would still prefer a conventional gas or electrical forced air.

Radiant floor heating is not as effective as it should be when the floor has insulators like carpet. Carpets block the fast distribution of warm air which can cause extended time to heat your home. Aside from that, only few contractors know how to correctly install radiant floor heating systems since installation is a bit tricky. Lastly, the whole system is costly upfront and it still requires a new distribution system. That means, you should prepare yourself for a major floor replacement.

Since you will be dealing with great expense when investing on a radiant floor heating, it’s just right to ask for suggestions from the experts to prevent improper installation and waste of money.

5 Signs You Need Your Duct Sealed

Leaks can take place in your ducts and it can intensify your energy bill just like all other issues in your HVAC system. It is important to keep your ducts sealed to prevent needed air from escaping your home. These telltale signs will help you monitor leakages in your ducts. If you need to have them sealed, the professionals at Lovejoy HVAC are just around the corner.

         1.  You can see or feel dust all over your home.

Dust are everywhere; however, if it seems that your house is too dusty than usual, you might be having leaks in your ductworks. Dust can flow through these leaks and be distributed in your home without passing through air filters. Stop dispensing dust by sealing your ducts.

         2.  Your energy bill rises.

If you experience normal cooling but there is a continuous increase on your utility bill, you should check your ducts for leaks. Those leaks add up to the energy increase causing your wallet to squeeze up. Check your ducts to avoid paying for wasted energy.

         3.  You have poor indoor air quality.

The job of the air filter, as the name implies, is to filter the air that goes into your home. If the connection is damaged, air can escape and enter your house without passing through it. This is why you experience poor air quality inside. Also, if the leaks are located on zones with air problems, they will allow the pollutants to flow in your system and in to your home.

         4.  You feel low comfort.

Is there a part of your home that takes too long to cool or heat? You might be having leakages in your ducts which spill the needed air out of your house. You might think that your insulation is not right, but oftentimes, the real culprits are damaged ducts.

          5.  You experience dangerous back drafting.

Back drafting refers to pulling back in the dangerous gases emitted by vented appliances such as water heaters and gas furnace. One thing that causes this issue is the leak in your ducts. Some of the dispersed gases are pulled back into your home through these leaks. Take immediate action because it can be dangerous to your health.

Be mindful of these signs and don’t let leaky ducts bring health problems to your family and steal you comfort.

Why Your Heat Pump Output is Dropping?

The last thing that you want to experience during the hot summer season is HVAC system failure. Heating and cooling problems happen most on hot summer days and it’s pretty frustrating since it’s the time of the year when you need your system the most. If you observe that your heat pump’s output has gone bad, you should know what’s causing the thing.

Though having a professional technician to inspect the issue is a safe solution, it is still pays off to have basic knowledge about your HVAC systems. Here we outlined some reasons why your heat pump’s output drops.

The refrigerant is leaking.

Leaking refrigerant is a major issue since refrigerants are the fluids responsible for cooling your home. Your heat pump does not use them- it only recycles them. Therefore, leaks in the refrigerant directly affect the operation of your heat pump. Continuous leaking may cause refrigerant level to drop so as the output of your heat pump. A professional help is necessary to solve this issue.

Air filters are blocked.

The air filter protects the heat pump from dust and dirt however; there is no way to get rid of these filtered particles. If homeowners fail to change their air filters monthly or sooner, these particles will block the air to be circulated by the heat pump. Low heat pump output results to this problem. Good thing, it is just a minor issue and can be solved simply by changing the air filter regularly.

The air handler malfunctions.

The part of the heat pump that circulates the air into your home is the air handler. Since it does all the moving of air, it has oiled bearings to reduce friction and avoid strain. However, due to constant use, the bearings fail causing lots of friction. At some point, you hear gritting sounds on your heat pump. Call a licensed technician and have it inspected before it gets burnt out.

There is short cycling.

When your heat pump is working on and off, the problem is called short cycling. This is because of an electrical fault or maybe the condenser unit is damaged. Either way affects the output of your heat pump and may cause breakdown of other parts. An HVAC expert can help you solve this issue.

Lovejoy HVAC offers heat pump repair and other HVAC services. Schedule an appointment with our experts today!

Stop Making These 6 Costly Mistakes In Lucas, TX

Homeowners in Lucas, TX are getting more and more dependent on their HVAC systems for the savings and comfort that they want. Little do they know that it is through side by side effort of their HVAC systems and proper maintenance that the highest satisfaction in comfort and savings can be achieved. Here are 6 common HVAC mistakes committed by homeowners.

  1. Hiding The HVAC system

One common HVAC mistake committed by homeowners is hiding their units by surrounding them with plants and other things. The truth is that covering your unit can block ventilation and may lead to clogging. An open space is what your system needs for proper functioning.

  1. Improper Positioning Of Appliances

Placing your cabinets and other appliances in the right place is a big help in saving energy consumptions. Do not put your cabinets in places near your system’s vents for it can block airflow. Also, do not put hot appliances such your lamps near your thermostat. It can give wrong information that your house is getting warm that’s why it will release cool air. Proper positioning is an important factor to save energy.

  1. Ignoring Strange Noise And Smell

Strange sounds and smells are indications that something is not right in your system. If you keep on ignoring these signs every time you pass by your HVAC unit, you might just be surprised of a sudden hike in your energy bill. Inspect you units for trapped animals causing the foul smell and loud sound. You can always call an HVAC technician to help you out.

  1. DIY All The Time

While small HVAC problems can be solved through DIY fixes, major problems require a licensed professional. Homeowners would always think that it’s fine to do system repairs by themselves to avoid repair costs. Not until they find out that instead of repairing their unit, they cause much bigger problems on it. It is still better to hire a licensed HVAC technician to provide HVAC services for you home.

  1. Missing Regular Maintenance

Skipping regular maintenance is also a common mistake by homeowners in Lucas, TX. Just like human, HVAC units also need regular check up to identify small issues before they become major problems. You can do simple maintenance tasks for your unit or call your local technicians to do the job.

  1. Hiring The Cheapest Service Provider

Choosing HVAC contractors which offer the lowest service charge is a mistake most homeowners do most of the time. You made a great investment in your HVAC system. And it’s just right that only highly qualified technicians should lay their hand on your unit.

Lovejoy HVAC is the most trusted heating and cooling contractor in Lucas, TX. Give us a call at 469-617-4690 and experience commendable HVAC services.

Best Heating Options For A Sunroom

Your sunroom is a good place to stay in if you want to enjoy the sun’s heat on a typical summer day. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable to stay there during the cold months. Good thing, there are heating options that you can use to make the space usable for the cold season.

Extending HVAC Vents

Your heating and cooling system can be extended to your sun room to provide warmth on the area. The vents can be mounted on the wall or channeled under the floor for sunrooms with glass ceilings. You can also install ceiling vents on rooms closest to it. Extending your ductworks into the sunroom is a good source of heat to the area however, some homeowners find this expensive so it’s better to estimate the expenses first before getting started.

Electric Baseboard Heater

You can opt for an electric baseboard heater when it is not possible to extend your HVAC system vents. Controlled by a thermostat installed in the sunroom, baseboard heaters are energy efficient and proven cost effective. You can choose to install it yourself or have a licensed technician to do it.

Under Floor Heating

Another way to warm your sunroom is through under floor heating.  Instead of the air, the floor is the one being heated in this method. The heat is then radiated towards your body giving you warm comfort while staying on the area.

Space Heater

You can have a portable space heater or you can have it mounted on the wall. Whichever you choose, you can warm your sunroom inexpensively using this method. It uses radiant heat source distributed in the room by the fan. You can store it once the hot season sets in.

Ventless Fireplace

You can install a ventless fireplace depending on the design and space of your sunroom. It is very efficient in heating and can modernize the look of your area. Ventless fireplace is fuelled with gas and warms your room faster providing you with calm comfort that you need.

Add Insulations

You can always do simple insulation for your sunroom the usual way such as by putting carpets on the floor, covering the windows with plastic, or hang thick curtains on it. Your sunroom is an extension of your house so some insulation methods can also be done to warm this area.

For more ways you can take to warm or cool your home, call your trusted HVAC contractor. Lovejoy HVAC is waiting for you! Call us at 469-617-3690.

Why Your Business Needs HVAC Specialist

Being busy as a bee, business owners don’t have the luxury of time and the know-how to check if every single facility in their company is running well. On this note, commercial heating and cooling system is one of the major aspects that need proper care. Here are top reasons why you should hire HVAC specialists to do the job.


The top reason why you should hire trained workers for HVAC tasks is for your company’s as well as your systems’ safety. HVAC systems for businesses are not your ordinary DIY jobs. You will be dealing with dangerous gases to keep the building’s temperature accurate. It is good to have heating and cooling specialists who will maintain your heating and cooling systems from time to time to prevent serious problem that may harm yourself and your staff.


Time is crucial in business. As a business owner, you might not have any time to spare to study the basics of HVAC repair and maintenance. Well, you don’t need to. You can save yourself from worrying about how to fix the systems yourself by simply hiring HVAC specialists. One tip: be sure to hire the right HVAC contractor.

Guaranteed Work

Hiring an HVAC maintenance company can assure you that the air conditioning and ventilation system in your workplace are in full working order. Even when you personally fix and repair the system, it won’t give you the confidence and assurance unless you let an HVAC specialist examine it.

Saves Money

Having skilled professionals do the job, you will not only save your time but also your expenses. HVAC specialists have basic and technical know-hows in the nature of the job. Mistakes may happen anytime when you give the task just to anybody and it may give you extra costs or worst, damage your system.

Provides Recommendations

Another reason why your business needs HVAC specialists is for you to have someone to ask for suggestions regarding your heating and cooling system for your company. You can always ask for recommendation to come up with better decisions for your commercial HVAC system.

You may think that hiring an HVAC specialist only adds up to the long list of your company’s expenditures but it doesn’t. In fact, it cuts your costs in half by preventing big problems in the future. For all your HVAC needs, feel free to contact Lovejoy HVAC at 469-617-3690.

The Benefits Of HVAC Inspection

Just because your HVAC system works does not always mean it is healthy. Homeowners don’t realize the importance of inspection to catch minor problems before they escalate to larger ones. While most of you think that regular check-up might is just a waste of money, you’re completely wrong. Here we have outlined the benefits of HVAC inspection.

It can maximize the lifespan of your HVAC system.

There are estimated durability periods for HVAC systems and you can make the most of it once you sign up for regular inspection of your units. Unknown glitches may surprise you with inconvenience and discomfort. While it’s good to know some DIY fixes for simple tasks, it’s always better to call a professional HVAC contractor.

You can ensure the efficiency of your furnace.

Although your HVAC system provides you with performance as great as new, it does not guarantee that it’s working as effective as it should. Having it checked frequently will lessen the chance of damages brought by time. In case small problems are identified, your HVAC contractor can perform troubleshooting and provide adjustments to restore good performance.

It will reduce repair costs.

Having regular check-up of your units will reduce repair costs and frequent replacement. Minor problems like loose gears can be identified by your HVAC contactors before they turn into major complication and cause you big time on your expenses in the future.

You can prevent major problems.

Another benefit of HVAC inspection is being alert for possible complications. You can always get records of small problems in your HVAC system by doing a review personally or letting a skilled professional do the job. As a result, you can easily provide solution to avoid discomfort and inconvenience.

HVAC inspection is like preventive measures for your units. Look for trained professionals to handle your HVAC system at home. We at Lovejoy HVAC are ready to answer your queries and give commendable service for your HVAC problems.

Professional HVAC Repair Service

Getting caught in the middle of HVAC problem is a very frustrating experience for homeowners. Fortunately, a certified HVAC company like LoveJoy HVAC is always glad to provide prompt and professional heating and cooling unit repair services.

HVAC Repair Services

Whether you find yourself making repeated repairs with your heater or your AC broke down in the middle of a hot summer day, it is highly advisable to get in touch with a reliable HVAC contractor. Your local LoveJoy HVAC contractor provides wide range of heating and cooling repair services including:

  • Air filtration
  • Air handlers
  • Adjustable frequency drive
  • Chilled water
  • Condenser water pumps
  • Chillers— water cooled and air cooled
  • Condensing units
  • Controls
  • Cooling towers
  • Fans
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Humidification
  • Unitary and Rooftop HVAC units
  • Motor and motor ignitions
  • Refrigerant monitoring

Top-Notch Service

A knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technician can repair your HVAC equipment with efficiency. Add to that the latest technologies in addressing the diverse needs of our customers around the globe. At LoveJoy HVAC, we troubleshoot beyond the abrupt failure and determine the weaknesses or probable areas of irregularity of your heating and cooling units and set them to your consideration. You will also receive an HVAC unit repair service using exclusive processes made and formulated under the expertise of our LoveJoy HVAC team.

Great Results

After servicing your units, you will expect that your HVAC unit becomes more energy efficient without losing the quality of the indoor temperature you need. You will not just enjoy improved comfort, but you will also love the extended longevity of your unit. Our technicians can make your system function as brand new. As a result, you won’t have to worry about purchasing another unit just to feel the same comfort that you and your loved ones need.

If you want to feel happy and satisfied with the functionality of your HVAC units, be sure to observe proper maintenance of your unit to keep problems at bay. Do not think that buying a new HVAC unit is always the best option once your HVAC malfunction.

At LoveJoy HVAC, we will restore the functionality of your unit to serve you best.